[U] The Sweet - The Collection

[U] The Sweet - The Collection

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A1 Teenage Rampage 3:37

A2 Rebel Rouser 3:25

A3 Solid Gold Brass 5:35

A4 Stairway To The Stars 3:05

A5 Turn It Down 3:30

B1 The Sixteens 4:04

B2 Into The Night 4:25

B3 No You Don't 4:35

B4 Fever Of Love 4:02

B5 Lies In Your Eyes 3:47

C1 Fox On The Run 3:25

C2 Restless 4:29

C3 Set Me Free 3:58

C4 AC/DC 3:27

C5 Sweet F.A. 6:15

D1 Action 3:45

D2 Peppermint Twist 3:29

D3 Heartbreak Today 5:02

D4 Lost Angels 4:04

D5 Lady Starlight

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